Production Upgrade

Production Upgrade

(i.e. Comprehensive PA System, Wireless Microphone, Stage Lighting, Fog Machines & AV Engineer(s))

AV Equipment

For a relatively small extra cost, the added production elements definitely enhance the band’s presence and expensive ‘wow’ factor. The production upgrade is particularly desirable for large venues/spaces (e.g. hotel ballrooms, function centres etc) and outdoor settings (e.g. outdoor marquees). On the other hand, it’s definitely not an advisable add-on for small venues/spaces (e.g. small function rooms, bars, private houses etc) due to space constraints as well as the fact that it can be a little bit ‘overkill’.


  • Comprehensive PA System

    • Additional Speakers (Extra Sound Reinforcement)

    • Inclusion of Subwoofers (NOTE: Venue Dependent)

    • ALL Instrumentation ‘Micd-up’, ‘Patched’ and ‘Mixed’

    • More Powerful System

    • Premium Quality Sound

  • Wireless Microphone

    • Enables the MC and other speakers to roam freely when making announcements and delivering speeches

  • Stage Lighting

    • Adds that extra-special touch visually and in particular, when it comes to the later part of the night, visually speaking, the addition of the lighting really does bring the party to life!

  • Fog Machines

    • Produce clouds of white fog on demand to add an extra visual dimension to the live entertainment by revealing the beams of colour from stage lighting

  • AV Engineer(s)
    On-site AV Engineer (or possibly two) for the Event

    • Mix & Manage Band’s Sound

    • Manage Stage Lighting

    • Bump-In, Setup & Dismantle AV

    • Liaise Directly with Client/MC Regarding Sound, Volume & AV Issues